Our website will help you find original British music companies across the Great Britain, their links and their e-shops. Over the last thirty or so years British pop music has led the world in its range and quality, starting several new trends. The British hi-fi market, like those elsewhere, is in the midst of profound change with the rise of streaming. By clicking on the British flag in the top bar you will see many more original British manufacturers of cars, fashion, furniture, gifts, garden, decor, babies clothes, tableware, shoes, toys, tools and much more. Thank you for supporting MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN.


SOUND LEISURE copmany was founded in 1978 in Yorkshire. Still family owned, Sound Leisure remain one of only two traditional Jukebox manufacturers in the World. Working alongside some of the world’s best known brands they export 75% of their machines which are sited in some of the World’s most prestigious locations, with many famous personalities boasting a Sound Leisure Classic Jukebox in their home.

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Launched in 2003 and now with over 1.3 million registered customers, is a leading British Brand of musical instruments and music equipment. You can buy music gear from orchestral instruments to rock 'n' roll, including guitars, drum kits, digital pianos, saxophones and cellos, plus leading recording and studio equipment. The Gear 4 music has a huge range of music equipment available. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


CORRULUTE company was founded in 2012. Corrulute unique stringed instrument, it’s easy to tune and play, like a ukulele. Its creative fun for everyone - adults, kids, schools, festivals, corporate events...with easy to follow online instructions or book a tailored workshop. You can convert your Corrulute to an electric one using the electric kit! All products they still manufacture individually and they are made in Great Britain.


TELLURIUM Q company was founded in 2009. Tellurium Q is a multi-award winning audio cable company focussed on the high end HiFi market gaining 10 products of the year and most wanted components in just a two year period by preserving relative phase relationships in a signal. An interest in accelerated learning and behavioural modelling led to co-developing the Music Skills System where students learn musical instruments at an extraordinary speed. This project also paved the way to a novel approach to audio cable development.

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GRAHAM SLEE PROJECTS copmany was founded in 1998. Their products are designed to give you the best listening pleasure available. Better than all the rest at, and beyond their price points. This is our mission, a mission started by Graham Slee, and one that continues to push at the scientific boundaries of the art. HiFi System Components Ltd are among a handful of British manufacturers (maybe 3 or 4, yes, so few) who manufacture in Britain and source the majority of what's inside from British manufacturers and suppliers.


HIFI RACKS copmany was founded in 2007 by Bradley Walters. Hi-Fi Racks is a family run business based in the heart of rural England. The Hi-Fi Racks story began when Bradley needed a new rack for his own hi fi. They only ever work with solid hardwoods, sourcing the highest quality timbers from around the world. By combining beautiful, natural materials with our multi-award-winning designs and trademark British craftsmanship, they build their racks to look as good as they sound. All their products are made in Great Britain.