WELCOME to our website. We are living in times of BREXIT, where the support of British manufacturers should be at the top of every Englishman. When you buy British goods you support not only British manufacturers but also British workers. When you buy goods made in Britain, you help keep the British economy growing. Our website will help you find British manufacturers across our country, their links and their direct producers shops. Thank you for supporting MADE IN BRITAIN.

British fashion

The British manufactured clothing can be more difficult to find. This is a list of British companies manufacturing excellent quality fashion clothing and online connection to their e-shops.

English kitchen

The British are an excellent makers of kitchenware, pottery and tableware. It has a worldwide reputation for its innovative design and quality. This is online connection to their e-shops.

Old jukebox

This is a list and online links to Music instruments and quality British HiFi equipment makers.

flag of UK
British cars

We present here some of the iconic British brands plus some of the support and specialist companies keeping a very British tradition. Also featured are UK companies making car accessories and links to their e-shops.